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By achieving its mission to provide high-quality education for its students and improve the well-being of the wider social community, the University College provides a range of opportunities for its students and teachers as well as for foreign students and professionals who share the same values. These activities are supported by the Department of International Cooperation and Projects Support which, on the one hand, supports international cooperation through joint development projects and, on the other, supports the exchange of students and teachers and encourages the implementation of practical training abroad.

The Department is responsible for the implementation of three groups of activities outlined in the development strategy of the University College:

  • activities that encourage international cooperation in terms of the exchange of students and teachers,
  • active work within the framework of European and international initiatives aiming at the development of the Republic of Croatia, its educational system and economy (e.g. through OECD, ETF, …),
  • attraction and project development of joint activities and/or investments that contribute to the development of the Republic of Croatia.,

We believe that through international cooperation and exchange of knowledge and experience with top international institutions and permanent development of internal forces and investment of necessary resources we can successfully develop an educational institution which could be internationally comparable and which could indeed represent a competitive advantage to the national economy on the EU and global market.



When it comes to promotion of international cooperation, the Department of International Cooperation and Projects Support is responsible for:

  • establishing bilateral cooperation with partner institutions abroad
  • encouraging mobility of students, teaching and non-teaching staff,
  • encouraging other activities related to international cooperation (participation in various initiatives, committees, bodies,…),
  • informing students, teachers and non-teaching staff about the possibilities of international cooperation and mobility,
  • supporting teachers and students in the realization of international activities,
  • supporting the organization of study visits, conferences and meetings of international character,
  • inviting foreign guest lecturers
  • encouraging cooperation with international technological partners (e.g. Microsoft, EC Council, Cisco, …),
  • supporting foreign students and teachers during their stay at the Algebra University College.

In order to support our visiting teachers and foreign students, accommodation is made available at wonderful and very affordable hotel near the Campus. We have also ensured excellent prices and discounts at high-quality hostel in the centre of the city as well as the best accommodation options for students and staff in student dormitories. Meals are available as part of the accommodation in extremely affordable student restaurants at various locations in the city, but also at a great pizzeria and a restaurant near the Campus.

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