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Algebra University College
Steve Jobs

How to apply creative analytical techniques aimed at raising the level of creativity and innovation in marketing

Apart from generating a pool of innovative ideas, creative analytical techniques will help students solve business problems in a new and constructive way. They will enable students to apply basic concepts of critical thinking and logical reasoning aimed at reducing the impact of irrational and subjective reasoning, biases, fallacies, and heuristics in making inferences and business decisions.


Robert Kopal

Robert Kopal, PhD is the Advisor to the Board of IN2 for Research and Development and Vice-dean for Research and Development at the University College of Algebra. He previously served as the Dean for the University College of Finance and Law Effectus and as the Chief Analyst of the Security and Intelligence Agency of the Republic of Croatia. He received his PhD at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Rijeka with a dissertation in “Economic Implications of International Terrorism”, his Master of Science at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Zagreb. His research interests include game theory and social network analysis, and he is the author of ten books and numerous scientific papers. He has taught numerous courses on many institutions for higher education, both in Croatia and abroad.

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