The use of mobile technology is an opportunity to expand customer relationships. Cell phone is always on, always at hand and knows where you are. Mobile phones are a useful tool that adds value. The industry of mobile applications definitely has a prosperous future.

The course is focused on preparing participants for independent work and further learning. After successful completion of the course, participants will be able to implement applications that use dialogs, menus, user preferences, background services, sqlite database, google maps and location services, web services, phone and SMS features.

Android application development course is performed in Java programming language and is carried out in Android Studio integrated development environment using Android emulator. Hence, its requirement is basic knowledge of programming and Object-oriented paradigm (Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction), but it is not restricted to Java programming language.

The course starts with the presentation of the Android architecture through Android Software Stack, basics of Android Operating System and Virtual machine used in emulator. Further, it is concentrated on basic components to implement scalable Android applications (Activity, Service, BroadCast Receiver, Content Provider and Intent). All the building blocks are covered in great detail with many examples and variations in layout presentations.

Daniel Bele

Daniel Bele is born in 1975 in Zagreb and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering. Through 15 years of professional programming he gained the certificates in Java (Java SE6 Programmer, Java EE5 Web Component Developer, Java EE5 Business Component Developer, Java EE5 Business Component Developer, Java ME1 Mobile Application Developer, Java EE5 Web Services Developer), Android (Android Certified Application Developer, Android ATC Certified Trainer), Microsoft (MS, MCPS, MCSD) and ITIL (ITIL v3 Foundation). He is currently working as an assistant in University College Algebra. He also worked as a Radio host and writer. He got published a novel and book of short stories.

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