Summer in Šibenik

City of Šibenik

Šibenik, a city with over 3,000 years of history, is the administrative, economic, cultural and political centre of northern Dalmatia with 75,000 inhabitants, situated in the heart of the Adriatic.

Those who respect and admire historical monuments and cultural heritage, artists, tourists and its citizens find the city irresistible. Šibenik is a city monument, surrounded by historical ramparts, a treasury of the archaeological and monumental riches of ancient and medieval times, Renaissance and many contemporary architectural achievements such as the first sea organ in the world.

It was created around the Roman forum, a city inside well-kept walls and a city of old Croatian monuments. Full of archieves, museums and libraries, it is the keeper of literary and musical treasures and the city with the oldest University in Croatia (1396).

Šibenik region is known for its crystal-clear waters, a multitude of small islands and beautiful natural beaches.

Enjoy listening to concerts, visit theatres, museums, and exhibitions. Enjoy the city of Šibenik, a city of exceptional history and rich cultural heritage, a city of tourism.

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