Accommodation is NOT INCLUDED in the tuition fee. The price for accomodation during a three week Summer School course is approximately 400 EUR if you stay at hostels. All spaces facilitate the student life to the fullest and allows students to live a unique experience. Most hostels are modern & urban designed, located in the heart of Zagreb and Šibenik.

Hostel Splendido

If you do not wish to stay in the hostel, you can alternatively look for private accommodation on your own using Airbnb. School will be happy to assist you in the process of finding a flat by providing helpful links to various rental agencies that offer short term apartment rental.

The School holds no responsibility in finding and/or arranging private accommodation. This is solely up to you.

Prices of private accommodation in Šibenik vary depending of the city area, size and amenities that apartments include.

Algebra University College cooperates with Home in Zagreb Agency. You are welcomed to send your inquiry through them, or any other accommodation provider.

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