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Students can earn 6 ECTS/3 US credits per course


We believe that three of our specific features are worth considering when deciding on your career and choosing an institution where you will be developing it.

Firstly, at our institution students acquire knowledge necessary for rapidly growing industries that are based on digital technologies. This puts the wind in their sails and enables them to choose a career for which the demand will increase significantly in the future. Even though there are still jobs and careers in the “old” economy, we are convinced that the path towards the digital era and the “new” economy is the right path that will, in the long term, provide students with a platform for personal development and high employability.

We believe that our second distinctive feature consists in the constant monitoring of the technological development and the real needs of employers, followed by the improvement of academic programs. In order to accomplish this, we were the first institution to apply a modern approach to our qualification framework more than five years ago and accordingly develop our implementation methodology. It is precisely this methodology that became a part of the official guidelines which were applied during the following years by other institutions with the aim of developing programs in accordance with the needs of employers and technological development.

Finally, our third specific feature is the orientation towards true quality, which is demonstrated by the assessment of our quality assurance system by the Agency for Science and Higher Education and which makes us the best professional study program in Croatia. We are also the first private higher education institution that was issued a certificate for its quality assurance system by the Agency, we are the only professional study program with the certificate “approved by FER” (FER – Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing), which is the result of a successful completion of continuous quality assurance of our work, and we are currently the leading Microsoft learning partner in the world.

The Algebra University College is proud of it’s Labos, the first professional gaming studio in the region, which allows students to organize live streaming for various tournaments in computer games, processing of audio, video and other educational content, the production of original content for the YouTube channel and events designed for robotics. Students have at their disposal the most modern equipment including Raspberry pi’s, cameras, graphics cards, gaming computers, etc.

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