The course will introduce students to digital marketing strategies and user behaviour, from content marketing, search, social to analytical tools used to track the success of digital campaigns.

The digital revolution completely changed the way organizations approach their core business from creating products and services, managing customers to marketing and sales. Digital platforms introduce new ways of communication with end customers allowing companies to tailor products and services to customer’s needs in a more agile manner.
In a way, digital marketing changed traditional marketing, making it fast, more precise, real-time and data driven. The tools marketers use every day allow us to execute digital campaigns targeting audiences across the world much more efficiently and with smaller budgets than traditional marketing.
In this course, we’re going to examine the basic concepts of Digital Strategy, starting from understanding the company business model, product, customer, market and business goals as well as how to accomplish their marketing goals on digital platforms.

The topics covered by the Summer School are:

  • Buying Personas, Buyers Journey, Consumer Micro moments: understanding the consumer
  • Digital Marketing Essentials: cross-platform communication, goals, metrics and
  • Web optimization – elements of efficient landing pages, optimizing purchase funnels, creating useful content, user research techniques SEO
  • Advertising on Google AdWords – SEM, Google Display Network, Mobile Advertising
  • YouTube advertising
  • Measuring Success with Google Analytics
  • Social Media Channels
  • Digital Strategy essentials – how to position a brand on digital channels

During the course, students will acquire Google AdWords and Google Analytics Certificates

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